Aug 24, 2012

Grilled Chicken Satay Kebabs

For the past 2 years, we have had long loooooong discussions on whether we should buy a grill or not , and now finally we have managed to buy one :-) A portable Gas grill, and I'm so glad that we bought one now.
Everything from veggies , to non-veggies , to fruits taste exceptional when cooked on a grill.
But I've been so busy marinating, grilling and eating, that I never took any much decent snaps to share all that I've been cooking or let's say 'grilling' up :-) But I'll share the few that I did take.

We inaugurated our grill, with yummy Tandoori chicken legs, the same evening we bought the grill :-) I shall post recipe soon. Heres a peek at how they turned up (the pics aren't a beauty I must say).
But it tasted beyond YUMMY and even lil'M ate almost a whole chicken leg , well thats something. And need I say about Manish ;-)
My next attempt were these Grilled Chicken Satay kebabs. And I wouldn't waste my time explaining how juicy and tender the chicken was and how extremely flavorful the marinade was. Try it out yourself.
As a dessert to these kebabs I made Lime n Brown sugar glazed grilled Pineapple and we had that with Vanilla icecream. Big M, lil'M and mommy M loved it !! ;-)
Here's while they were on the grill...mmmm that char is actually carmelised sugar...slightly crunchy, sweet n oh-so juicy!!
On to my Chicken Satay kebabs. I'm sure this marination would go well with Paneer (Indian Cottage Cheese), Mushrooms , even Fish, should give all this a try :-)
I did not have all the exact ingredients as in the original recipe, so I've adapted it to my ingredient availability. Got this recipe from Manu's blog Manu's Menu and I want to thank her for this exceptional recipe.
I also made the peanut sauce , but lets me be honest to say that I was more interested in the chicken and din't do full justice to the peanut sauce recipe. :-)
You can check the actual recipe here

Grilled Chicken Satay Kebabs Recipe
You'll need
Skinless Chicken Breasts - 4 (cut into cubes)
Shallots - 6
Garlic cloves - 2 
Vegetable oil - 4 tblsp
Coriander powder - 1 tsp
Red chilli powder - 1 tsp
Turmeric powder - 2 tblsp
Soy sauce - 4 tsp
Bamboo skewers (soaked in water for 2 hours so they do not burn) - I used 4

1. Cut the chicken into small cubes. 
2. Grind all the other ingredients in a food processor, adding a little water if needed. Pour this mixture onto the chicken cubes and marinate it overnight.
3. Skewer the chicken cubes and grill them for 2-3 minutes on each side, until it looks well cooked and charred slightly.
1. Its best when served with some chutney or sauce. Peanut sauce being a popular option.
2. Corriander-Mint chutney mixed with a little yogurt is also a good accompaniment. Check out my recipe for green chutney here.
3. Use up any leftovers for a yummy sandwhich or add it to a simple salad.
They tasted good even without any sauce as the chicken was so juicy and tender and the marinade had a really good flavor. Grilled food always tastes so yumm!!
I'm gonna be doing a lot more experiments with my grill, so cook along , lets eat and be merry!! :-)



  1. wow manju.. they are so juicy :) its my long time plan to get a grill..

  2. That is mouthwatering! especially love the idea of grilled pineapple. yummo!

  3. Looks Yum!

  4. Pics are so tempting Manju, seems like Summer, grilling n loads of fun. I'm already sad thinking about the coming winter and trying to do everything good before it hit the head. Satay pics looks marvelous, looks perfect n delish.

    Advance Wishes for a Happy Onam to you and family!!

  5. Summer is still here, but somehow the weather is not stable here, seems you guys have loads of fun with grilling and all..

    Those kebabs looks irresistible and simply yummy.

  6. I make these in with paneer - Love the grilled pineapple :)

  7. Looks amazing. I love this kind of dish. :)

  8. Wow...tempting chicken and l totally loved it.


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