Jun 20, 2013

Father's Day Farm visit

Last Sunday June16th was Father’s Day and I thought I’d share some lovely snaps of the beautiful day we had at a local farm.  I had planned to post this on Monday itself but I cut my fingertip badly and just couldn't go ahead with typing or posting, so though a bit late here’s the beautiful farm visit we had.

We hadn’t planned anything for Sunday or rather I hadn’t planned anything special b'coz I had a bad sinus attack and was struggling with some terrible headaches. But it had turned out to be a beautiful sunny day and though we spent the first half of the day with lawn activities, Manish found a farm location online and we decided to go to a there around noon.

We went to Oliver H. Kelley farm, a beautiful farm still maintained in  an old-fashioned way. To know more about the farm check this site. We reached there around 1pm and as it was Father’s Day, the dad’s got to go in 'free'.  They gave us a map with 10 different spots on the farm worth visiting, but we went straight for the area where they kept the farm animals and that’s where we spent all our time.

My little guy was simply ecstatic seeing real live Ba-Ba’s and Moo-Moo’s which he only saw in nursery rhyme videos.  There were Sheeps, Pigs , Oxen, a littel Calf and Horses. Apparently they even had a Chicken farm, but we never went there.
Being a huge animal lover myself,  I enjoyed just as much as Lil’Appu and I guess even my sinus issues disappeared :-P

The sheep were simply too busy to notice anything but the grass…even lil”Appu was curious as to why they just kept their head down all the time ;-) And he screamed and laughed with joy everytime they moved!

Oh! And not to mention the naughty little pigs. Such playful  little things, they kept going behind the sheep and the sheep kept kicking them away. It was fun and Appu was in the middle of all of them  :-)

Even the Oxen with their thick and long horns were pretty tame and let us scratch their head and even ate some hay that dadda n lil’Appu offered to them.

We loved the calf, who was resting in its little barn and we all had our share of giving him head and neck scratches and Appu even gave him a kiss. 
Later the calf simply ran out of his barn and chased the sheep around and came by to drink some water and I again had a fun time petting and hugging him and he happily stood there enjoying every bit of attention he got.

And the horses, they looked so mighty and shiny and one beautiful black beauty came around and allowed us to give him a small scratch on his face and then he went about grazing with his other horse buddies. 

And I'm so glad that my dad was also there with us this year to celebrate Father's Day and that made it even more special!

We absolutely enjoyed our Father’s day farm visit and all credit for the farm visit goes to the best Dad my lil’Appu has…yaaayyyy!! 

Hope you all enjoyed the virtual farm visit! I can't wait for another visit and I (and Appu too) do hope that we don't have to wait till next Father's day for that ;-)



  1. wow beautiful pics Manju. Reminded me of 'Old McDonald had a farm'! seems like all of you enjoyed well, especially little Appu ! Hugs to him !

  2. Dear Manju - glad that you had a great weekend with the men you love the most!

  3. wonderful pics..sounds like you had a lovely time..

  4. Awesome pics Manju.. Loved the virtual tour.. Glad that u ppl had a wonderful time :)

  5. lovely post manju... glad to know that you guys really enjoyed it... :)

  6. You lil Appu seems so happy with the animals . Very cute. Yes u r lucky your Dad was there with you

  7. beautiful clicks and u r writeup made it more enjoyable.

  8. How fun.. love the joy in your son's face!


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