Sep 24, 2013

Apple Pachadi (Apples in a creamy mustard and yogurt sauce)

It's officially the second day of Fall today!! Apart from the onset of Fall, I knew September was going to be a month of many changes. Like I had mentioned before, my lil’Appu began daycare fulltime and my parents have gone back to Kerala after a short and beautiful 6 months with us. Apart from all this few other unexpected personal events also came up and I have no idea how this month has gone by.  Anyways we are coming back to our old routines now and the house would have been terribly silent if it weren’t for my lil’Appu’s non-stop sweet nothings and stories!

He talks a lot these days, mostly stuff that only he can understand and we just play along as if we understood. He is such an understanding and accommodating little guy. He definitely misses his grandparents with whom he has spent more time than us and he keeps going into their bedroom to check if they are there. But when we ask him “Appu, where did Ammooma go?”, he says “Opice” (office) :-)

And he goes to his daycare fulltime now without creating any fuss, either coz he knows there no point crying or mayb he likes it there, I still do not know. Anyways, he’s adjusting to the new changes and he seems happy and that’s what matters to me. So all my time is now spent trying to get him to eat well, play, keep him happy and go to bed early and even before he sleeps usually I end up sleeping first, so I’m tired as a log after a full day’s work, so blogging did take a step-back but I will try to keep this space alive as much as possible.
But I’m happy that we had such a beautiful summer this year with my parents here which started with them celebrating our Housewarming with us and ended by celebrating our first Onam in our new home of six months.

Pachadi is a very common side dish for any Onam sadhya. It’s a yogurt based dish that be made with veggies or fruits. I decided to make Apple Pachadi for our sadhya but my mom was hearing of an apple pachadi for the first time :-) She is more familiar with the veggie versions of pachadi and not fruit based pachadi, but I thought it would be a change from the regular items and Apples are plenty this season.  Green apples would be ideal for this dish as it’s nice to have a tart and savory flavor, but I used sweet & juicy red Gala apples and they were fine too.

Apple Pachadi

You’ll Need
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Dry Red Chillies – 2
Curry leaves – a sprigfull ( 8-10 leaves)
Oil – 1 tblsp
Pearl Onions or Shallots (thinly sliced) – 2-3
Green Chillies (sliced into rounds) – 1 or 2
Green or Red Apples (peeled, and cored) – 2  big apples
Mustard Seeds – 1 tsp
Grated Coconut – 1 tblsp
Yogurt – 2 cups
Salt – to taste

1. Dice the peeled and cored apples into small thin cubes and keep them immersed in some water until required (This helps in them not getting oxidized and turning brown)
2. Using a mortar pestle, crush the mustard seeds gently until they split apart and coarsely crush the grated coconut (can also use a mixer grinder for this)
3. Heat 1 tblsp oil in a deep frying pan, add the mustard seeds, dry red chillies and curry leaves and sauté until the mustard seeds splutter.
4. Next add the onions and green chillies and sauté until they are fried well.
5. Add the diced apples (without the water) and mix everything until the apples turn slightly tender but not too soft.
6. Reduce the heat, add the crushed mustard seeds and coconut and stir everything together until combined and turn off the heat after 2 mins.
7. Once cooled slightly but still warm, add the yogurt and mix well. Can be served warm or chilled.

Sweet and savory and with a very unique flavor from the crushed mustard seeds and sweet apples and so creamy, it's one of my favorite side dishes. Try this out sometime, even if you are not having a sadhya, it’s can be a simple and sweet side dish for a simple lunch or dinner.

And I’m hoping to get back to my regular routines and blogging and cake baking soon. Can you believe I haven’t baked a cake since Appu’s b’day, except for instant microwave cakes?? Gotta get out of this phase soon!  So see you all again with more yummy recipes and stories from my kitchen and home to yours :-)

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  1. My little one too loves her school and is quite sad when its weekend.. :-) The pachadi looks delicious and so creamy

  2. yummy looking pachadi... getting back to a routine is difficult, yet i guess when managed, should be fine... appu seems to be a lovely boy, God bless... most of the time, i feel the elder ones are like dat... :)

  3. One different pachadi, :) someone is back in action so happy that you are... you sure had one fun yr babe :) enjoy

  4. I have 3 pounds of apple sitting on kitchen counter top waiting to be used.. I have been looking for recipes like these.. Thanks manju... pachadi looks comforting :)

  5. Wow ! super, mouth watering here.

  6. Delicious and lovely looking apple pachadi.

  7. Quick and delicious pachadi, completely different and unique..Seems you r back with a bang.

  8. wow very very interesting and delicious pachadi :) looks super yummy !!

  9. Really beautiful apple dish!! Love to try it. :)

  10. This looks very interesting, nice work!

  11. Glad to see you back in action Manju!!! Lil Appu is a cutie pie. I am sure he misses his grandparents as much as you do. We malayalis make pachadi with anything right..hehe..I love pachadi with steaming rice and some mango pickle ...sweet or savory doesn't matter....mmm..

  12. Hi Manju,I too make apple pachadi often,made it for Onam too my daughter loves it. My hunt for raw mangoes is in vein most of the time so Granny Smith :) comes to the rescue.
    Saw the pic in Kerala Kitchen so thought I will pass on a same pinch :))

  13. read in a tel cook book dis kind of recipe..n 1st time seeing d result.nice attempt vl try one dat flowers..:)


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