Oct 21, 2014

Ring Murukku

Indian snacks are always a class apart. And Diwali is the perfect time to make a whole lot of sweet and savoury snacks to share with family and friends. I love trying something new each year. In my previous post I had shared my favorite Chakli recipe made with whole-wheat flour. I’m sharing another quick and simple snack recipe perfect for Diwali and one that you can make even at the last moment, Ring Murukku or murukku with a hole ;-)

These Ring shaped crunchy snacks are to die for.  I absolutely love them and have always until now just bought them from the snack section at the Indian store. With the Diwali fever doing it’s rounds I felt I should try making this at home atleast once and I was very pleased with the results. They turned out super crispy and crunchy. I wanted a slightly savory aka spicy snack so I added a little extra red chilli powder than the recipe called for to the dough and the ring murkku had a good bit of heat and was perfect and just my taste.

They are so easy to make, you don’t need any special equipment, just shape them into small rings and fry until golden brown.

I did not take a lot of step-wise pics but have shared a few that I managed to click. It's not a fun task to take pics while handling flour and oil ;-)

Ring Murukku

You’ll Need
1 cup Rice flour
1 Tblsp Urad dal flour/Moong dal flour  
1 tsp Red chilli powder  
1 Tblsp Sesame seeds     
1/8 tsp Asafoetida            
1 tsp Jeera         
1 cup water 
1 Tblsp Butter     
Salt - as needed
Oil - for deep frying

1. Make urad dal/moong dal flour – roast a handful of urad dal/moong dal  until mild brown and fragrant, powder it and sieve it and keep aside 1 Tblsp of the powder.

2. Boil 1 cup of water in a non-stick vessel or any vessel. Add butter and salt to the boiling water and then Rice flour and 1 Tblsp Urad dal flour, mix well. Immediately switch off the flame, cover and let the dough cool down. If too sticky then add some more flour. When the dough becomes cool enough to handle, add jeera, red chilli powder, sesame seeds and knead to form a dough.
3. Pinch out small round balls of dough of equal size and roll them into a thin rope and join the ends of the rope to form a ring.

4. Deep fry few per batch in hot oil. While one batch is getting cooked, you can make the next batch. Or make all the rings together and fry little by little. Fry in high flame until the rings are golden brown, but do not let oil fume.

This is a perfect Tea-time snack and is best eaten the day it is made. But if stored in a good air-tight container you can enjoy them for couple more days. So enjoy snacking and have a fun filled and Happy Diwali!



  1. Wow those muruku looks crunchy and festive.happy Diwali to you

  2. i tried thm once .. outside was crispy but inside chewy...urs looks perfectly done...very nice

  3. Happy Diwali Manju :-) The Muruku looks great and love the pics

  4. Crispy and delicious Murukku Manju :-)
    Wishing you and family a Very Happy Diwali !!

  5. My hubby is a big Murukku fan...but I never made murukku at home mainly becoz I am too lazy to make it and aslo becoz I have a god neighbour who spoils with me her home made murukku every now and then so I dont have to make it now :) Looks so good..love ur janging murukku pic !

  6. Tempting!

  7. I love murukku - your's look amazing - thanks so much for this recipe! Glad I stumbled by!

  8. I adore murukku. I could eat all those and crave more. It's good they are only made on special occasions... or I would be in big trouble. :)


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