Jun 4, 2012

Book Cake...for a Graduation party....again!! ;-)

This is another Graduation themed cake I was asked to bake for my good friends husband's surprise Gradutation party. He graduated on May 19th with a Masters Degree in Software Management. (My first graduation party cakes were these cupcakes)
Cake flavor, design and theme was left for me to decide,only requirement being a quarter sheet cake.
Obviously theme would be Graduation, and I have seen these lovely book shaped cakes on several online websites, and I thought that it should be a cool idea.
I took most of the tips for making the book shape from here.

I requested my friend to provide me the names of two of his favorite subjects so that I could name the cake books with those. Which was Software Management and Database Designing .

Again I went for my favorite cake flavor , Red velvet cake with Cream cheese frosting (I used the same recipe as my cupcakes) and decorated the cake in Homemade marshmallow fondant (recipe here)
I baked a Quarter Sheet Cake (9x13) and cut it in half, each half forming the two books, torted them and filled cream cheese frosting and covered each cake half in different colored fondant to represent two books. I used a red velvet cupcake (store bought) and covered it with melted chocolate and topped it with 4 pieces of Lindt chocolate bar and made the graduation hat . The Scroll on top of the book is made using fondant.

This time decorating the cake was quite diffcult , as the climate was pretty Humid and the Cream Cheese frosting kept melting and the Red Velvet cake was super moist (yummmm!),  though I had kept the cake in the refrigerator for about an hour each before and after frosting and then covering with fondant.
This caused the books to sort of have a droopy look,  but then everyone at the party thought that that was my idea of showing that these two being his favorite subjects , were the books most used, and hence the used-book like appearance...How cool huh!!

Anyways,  the Red Velvet cake was a big hit. Even I loved the taste (I usually never compliment my food)
;-) Can't I comment on my own cakes!!!
Again sharing a few snaps before and after the cake was cut :-)

Well all in all this years Graduation has helped me graduate to a new level of Cake Baking and Decoration, and I want to thank all my friends who trusted me with their special occasions by asking me to bake for them and I hope I did justice to your events!! ;-)

Note: I want to add a sweet Thank You to my cousin bro Nandu Mohan, who unknowingly helped me complete this cake. Well, as I mentioned above the cake wasn't forming as I had hoped it would due to humidity, I was almost on the verge of giving up making the cake. That's when my cousin bro (who stays in India) came online on facebook chat, and while he typed, I would go and roll out my fondant and then I typed my reply, and again while he typed , I made the scroll etc...He had no idea I was in the middle of decorating this cake.
So in a way his distraction sort of helped me clear my mind , get more ideas and go ahead with making this cake! Family is always your best backbone and you never know how they can help!!!
So thank you dear Nandu.

So Adios Amigos...stay tuned until next time...!!!



  1. Looks Great

  2. Wow.. Extra Ordinary.. i couldn't take my eyes for this book.. sorry Cake.. :) you have lots of patient.. keep blogging..

  3. Superb!!you amazed me every time:)

  4. Hi Manju,

    Your cake looks Awesome !!
    At your free time do visit my blog

  5. wow.. simply awesome.. cake is fantastic...

  6. lovely Manju.. great job and effort... it looks real

  7. Oh god, you rock Manju..fabulous works with loads of efforts.

  8. Ithu thakarthu varuvanalloooooooo...beautiful cake..

  9. Manju really u r doing awesome work. Looks soooooo cute. Can't imagine how u do this. Following you on FB.

  10. Hello Manju,

    Thanks for all your efforts!! that was really a good evening and I was very happy to ask you to do that job!! most of my friends enjoyed cake more than the surprise graduation party! :) - I must say my other couple friends who could not make it, says they missed the cake seeing/eating it more than the graduation event! thought that says a lot how much your work is loved :)

    Thank you one more time!! and keep up the great job/thinking :)

  11. Hi Manju. Pls collect ur award @ http://poornirecipes.blogspot.sg/2012/04/my-first-award.html

  12. Mm mm good! What a marvelous cake for a grad :) I can't believe my son will be off to college next year :( Lovely decorations and nice pictures!! keep up the awesome work :D

  13. Wow..very delicious cake hidden in a book..Love the neat work,I coludn't take my eyes off the efforts you have put up in the beautiful cake,Adipoli!!!

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    1. The Kerala Kitchen(June'12)

    2.EP Series-Basil OR Cardamom

  14. looks so yummmy...wat a fantastic creation you have done..amazing..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  15. amazing cake dear..hats off to your perfection..excellent work!

  16. Hi Manju,
    Thanks for ur sweet comments dear....and I must say ur both fondant cakes looks super...I loved ur baby shower cake very much and cribs railing looks perfect ! I tried homemade fondant for my first cake and it didn't came well luckily I had a back up ready made one...I should try again..next time when I bake a cake I will ask tips from u :)

  17. Manju, you have done it, yet again! Brilliant stuff! High five! :)

  18. That's incredibly gorgeous and very creative!

  19. What a beautiful Cake Manju. !!! All your hard work and love shows in this great graduation cake. I'm really impressed that you have decorated it with home made fondant. I must give it a try. I normally do mine with store bought fondant. Hats off to you.

  20. Oh my goodness, I love this cake! Love the detail of the book names, this looks great!

  21. Adorable cake! My cousin just completed my graduation and our mom and I threw a stunning graduation party at the local New York venues with a decent theme. It was a gorgeous event where all her friends and our family had fantastic time.


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