Mar 24, 2013

Fresh Farm Eggs and New Beginnings!

I know that’s the weirdest title I might have ever read – Farm fresh Eggs and New beginnings? How do they even relate? And No, I’m not talking about chicks being born from the eggs…Lol ;-) And this isn't a recipe post...just some musings and excitement that I want to share.

So to begin with New beginnings , let me announce  very happily and proudly that we are moving to a new single family home and we are just so damn excited. Specially Me, b’coz all my life until now, I’ve only lived in apartment flats , so this is very new. So it’ll be pretty exciting to see how I settle down in a big whole house!
Manish is definitely excited and as for Manav , he can jump and run around as freely as he wants, b’coz now we won’t have to worry about disturbing our nice downstairs neighbors, who were so kind enough to bear with all the noises, thumpings and jumpings of the lil’ monkey :-) 

We move at the end of this month and are now neck deep in packing and cleaning and hoping that the moving from our apartment goes smoothly without breaking anything…my beautiful crystalware – be safe!! Apparently our lil’champ is thoroughly enjoying all the boxes and mess and what goes in seems to keep coming out magically...hehe!

As you can see below, for one of our recent visits to the new home , Lil’Appu has already decided which kitchen drawer he wants to himself…Lol! Must remind myself to childproof the entire kitchen next time we go there…The Kitchen is all MINE!! :-P

Now coming back to the title – Fresh Farm Eggs and that too colorful ones…have you ever seen any like it?
The  previous home owners of the house seemed to have had a very colorful taste in painting the different walls and rooms of the house and so every room is a different shade…trust me, there’s a Lavendar shaded room, Red , Pink, Blue, Yellow and Green walls/rooms , White and Brown rooms as well! But we love it and we are just gonna keep it just as is.
But we still had some more painting left so we called a guy who can paint for us, and he was so kind enough to bring us a crate full of  Fresh Farm eggs from his own home farm.

Other than while vacationing in my hometown village in kerala, I don’t think I have ever held a fresh chicken egg ever and what was even more interesting were the color of these eggs…they were also multicolored just like the rooms in our new house…coincidence or what ?!

Mostly all pastel shades of Green, Blue, Pink, Tan, Brown and White!!
I just had to take snaps and share them with you all…so here’s a few.

Some of the the shells had multiple shades of different colors, like how the blue egg on the right has darker blue dots, the pink one had white dots, a brown egg had pink shades on it etc.

I didn’t have the heart to crack them open but then I was too curious to see if they had colorful yolks as well :-P
Cracked open a few. The egg shell was really firm and hard (not like your easily breakable store bought ones) and they had the most beautiful deep yellow yolk and a nice thick egg white and thankfully they looked very much like normal chicken eggs and no colorful surprises inside and tasted really fresh and wholesome. I’m in love with these eggs for sure.  

From what I’ve read, the color of the eggs is reminiscent of the diet the chickens are fed and also their breeds.  Here's some more info that I found if you are interested to know.

Don't they almost look like those candy eggs that you get everywhere these days as Easter special…So here’s my Easter basket for you all – Happy Easter in advance to all who celebrate!!  

So folks, Manju’s Eating Delights is busy packing and moving to a new home, so new recipes might come in a bit slow for a few weeks…but don’t worry, I have some gorgeous blogger friends who has very happily agreed to do guest posts for me , so stay tuned! Until then…wish me Happy Moving and I hope you all are having a great time!



  1. Happy new I dream to own a home...hope I shall fulfill mine soon too...for now,,wishing you hearty congratulations on ur new home...hope it brings you lots of good luck and u hav very good memories....

  2. congratulations on your new abode!! my sister used to say about the noises that the twins of her neighbour on the top would make... here atleast the buildings are stone, so you don't get any disturbances... and those eggs looks reallly interesting... wow, multicolored, and i love your inquisitiveness to check if the yolks were the same!!! :D

    1. hehe, ya I really did think the yolks might be colorful as well...but I'm really glad it wasn't, who wants to eat green or blue colored yolks :-P

  3. Wow ! That's fab post... Looking forward to ur post soon... Happy Shifting ! :P

  4. All the best dear... let your new life be more colorful than the eggs and rooms :D

  5. Such pretty eggs! Had no clue they come in such pretty narual colours :) Happy new-home-move to you all :)

  6. here's to new beginnings manju..
    i love the thrill of setting up a new place.
    and love the eggs..i see them on diff blogs and always wonder how anyone can crack them..sooo pretty they look

  7. :-) Lovely home for one wonderful family. Let all the new beginnings be a fresh memory always. Wishing you all health, joy, laughter in your new home now and forever. Happy and save moving :) so happy for you Manju. HUGS

  8. All the best for the move, I know how hectic it can be! And hope to see a sneak peek of your gorgeous new kitchen!

  9. Congrats on your new house. I know your feeling ..... May happiness and abundance fill your home always.

  10. Thanks for posting.Made for a very informative read.Enjoy your new house.All the Very Best.

  11. Happy House moving..and come back with a house warming treat for us..ur new house looks like a house we see in story books..i too feel like moving in there :)
    Egg looks damn cute..I too wont feel like cracking them.

  12. Happy home to a lovely family,congrats Manju,wishing u more beautiful things,loads of happiness and jon in ur new home forever.

  13. Congrats on your new place! Fresh farm eggs have an aroma that cant be matched.

  14. Congrats Manju!! Now you are a proud home owner!! :) I am sure you would be on cloud 9 now
    The farm eggs do look lovely!

  15. So excited for you Manju!! I know your new home will be filled with loads of love and good memories. I can understand your excitement of moving and cooking in a new kitchen. I can't wait to see your new dishes made in your new kitchen. These eggs are so lovely. They look already dyed for Easter.. Can't believe that mother nature dyed them naturally. Really beautiful. :)

    Ps.. can you send me your email via Facebook so I can get the guest post sent to you. :) It's a Thai vegetable dish (but not vegetarian). Hope you like it. ~ Ramona

  16. Congratulations on moving in to your own independent house, with ur own big kitchen. I can totally understand the excitement.
    These eggs are really colourfull, never seen anything like them before!

  17. Thank you so much all my dear friends n Family and to all my silent readers as well for all your wishes :-)

  18. Congrats on the new house!! We just moved into a house ourselves, so I can imagine your excitement.. Knowing you well, I know you'll do an awesome decorating your home., Enjoy your new kitchen and keep posting..:)

  19. Happy moving dear... Your kids looks so cute...

  20. How wonderful do those eggs look! Congrats on your new home! Your little one is such a cutie! Thanks for visiting me Manju, am so happy you spoke up so I could get to meet you and your beautiful space too!

  21. congrats..fab post

  22. Interesting space Manju,,:-)Congrats on your new home and hope you have settled in well!


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