Feb 25, 2015

Let it Go....a Frozen themed Queen Elsa Doll Cake

I’m super excited about the cake I’m sharing with you all today. I have always wanted to do a doll cake. When my friend’s friend asked me if I can help her with the cake for her daughter’s birthday, the only details she told me was it was going to be a Frozen Princess themed party. I heard ‘princess’ and ‘frozen theme’ and instantly suggested that it would be great to do a queen Elsa doll cake and even her daughter loved the idea.  

The day I bought the Queen Elsa doll,  I was super excited and trust me was tempted to play with it ;-) No wonder kids love barbie dolls and all such pretty dolls. They are just gorgeous!

When I think of the movie Frozen the scene that comes to my mind is when Queen Elsa sings ‘Let it Go’ and builds her beautiful snow castle. I wanted my Queen Elsa to be standing in that pose. 

It was love at first sight when I saw Ipoh Bakery's fashionista doll cakes. I was awed at the beauty of William’s creations and knew that if I ever got a chance at making  a doll cake then this would be it.  William himself was so kind and helped me with few questions I had before I started making the cake.

What makes this cake stand out from the usual doll cakes is that instead of the doll standing wearing her pretty princess gown which is like an inverted dome (this forms the cake), here the doll appears as if its walking forward pulling her beautiful skirt or cape forward. One of her legs are exposed giving it a stylish yet elegant touch and there’s movement and grace and looks so fashionable. The skirt/cape forming the cake.

The only challenge for me was carving the cake to form a smooth skirt that’s following Queen Elsa as she conjures up her Snow castle.  I’m not a fan of carving and wasting precious cake slices. So I made sure each and every carved cake piece was added to the skirt in the best way possible attached with buttercream, giving an overall smooth finish.

The doll is an actual Queen Elsa Doll, which is the only non-edible portion of the cake. The top of the skirt from where the edible portion of the cake starts was 5.5" tall and it extends to be almost 15" long.  

I baked my favorite White Velvet Cake and frosted and filled the cake with creamy Nutella Buttercream…yumm! Covered in homemade marshmallow fondant that I shaded Teal.  

After making the pleats of the skirt I added some final touches in the form of snowflakes and added some shine to the dress and snowflakes using luster dust. 

I left the cake board silver itself as I felt the color combo of Teal-White-Silver looked good for a Frozen theme. Eileen's name and age were placed on snowflakes shimmered with luster dust. I also placed snowflakes in Queen Elsa's palms to imitate the scene in the movie where she conjures snowflakes with her bare hands.

Little Eileen had a wonderful Frozen Princess themed party and my friend said that everyone was just mesmerized with the cake!  ;-) 

So what do you all think?....please do share you feedback. The pics were all taken at night as the party was during the day....waiting to see some pics from the party as well :-)


Feb 16, 2015

Cocktail Idli Hearts with Coconut Chutney Shots | V-day special for Anokhi Media

Valentines Day is one of my favorite times of the year. I have always made it a point to celebrate it either by buying sweet and simple gifts for Manish and Appu, by making them some fun dishes and treats or taking a small weekend trip to some fun holiday spot...Kalahari indoor water-park at Wisconsin Dells being our most favorite! 
This year lil'Appu was also super excited about V-day as they were having a sweet party at school sharing goodie bags, cards and treats. He himself signed his name on 21 cards to gift to his pre-school mates and was uber excited about Valentines day!

Any day is a good excuse for me to make some fun sweet treats...V-day being no different. This year, instead of going the sweet treat route, I thought of trying a fun savory twist with our south-indian staple breakfast item....IDLI ;-) I have always loved the idea of cocktail idlis or mini idlis dusted with chutney powder or served with multiple chutneys etc. 

Keeping Valentines Day and everything lovey-dovey and red/pink colored in mind, I went off and made some spiced Beetroot idlis, steamed in heart shaped silicon molds and used shot glasses to serve the idlis with coconut chutney ;-) 

It was so much fun to make these and as soon as I was done photographing them my lil'Appu ate up each and every single one of these red heart idlis!! He loved them...

This fun post is published at Anokhi Media so let's check out further details there, shall we? Hope you all had a fun and love filled Valentines Day!