Apr 2, 2020

Kerala style Salmon Fry | Air Fried

Good day to all my dear friends. I sincerely hope you all are doing well and staying safe at home wherever you are during this Coronovirus pandemic. Although 2020 had started off with a bang for us, it's in quite a grim state now, but we are trying to do our best. The last day my entire family went out was March 13th and we've been home ever since. Except for a quick trip to the pharmacy to collect our meds and to pick up online purchased grocery which wasn't home delivered, we haven't stepped out at all. With 2 small kids, we decided it's best to stay home no matter what. So we are staying home, spending time with the family, trying new recipes, working out, playing board/card games and doing our best to keep everyone happy and calm.

I do want to extend our gratitude and thanks to all the front line workers - all medical staff, grocery store workers, the people who did our online shopping and all other essential facility workers who continue to be brave and are helping keep things normal in this suddenly not-normal situation.  Be safe everyone!

With everyone at home all day all the time now and with no eating from outside anymore, I've definitely had to increase my cooking. I've started using several of my kitchen gadgets a lot more now...lol! and one of them is my 'Emerald' brand Air Fryer that I had bought during 2018 Thanksgiving and hardly used much. We do not do a lot of deep fried cooking or use a lot of oil in our dishes anyways, so never felt a need to use the air fryer, but gave it a try to make this Fish Fry which pretty much turned out like it had been deep fried ;-) But I used no oil at all...except for greasing the tray. Salmon by itself has enough oil in the fish to nicely crisp it up.

The recipe is really simple and Salmon fry makes a great side dish with Rice, Carrot thoran or Beetroot thoran and some pulishery...yum!!

Kerala style Salmon Fry | Air Fried

You’ll need
1 Lb Salmon, cut into cubes
For Marination:
1 Tablespoon Red Chilli powder
1 teaspoon Turmeric Powder
1 teaspoon Black pepper powder
1 Tablespoon Ginger-Garlic paste
Lemon juice (as needed)
Salt as needed

1. Mix all the ingredients under marination with enough lemon juice to form a smooth paste. The marination paste should not be runny.(Can substitute lemon juice with water)
2. Coat the salmon cubes well with the marination paste and let it marinate for atleast 30mins-1hour.
3. Pre-heat the airfryer for 10mins. The air Fryer I use sets the temperature to 360F for Seafood.
4. Grease the tray/basket of the air fryer and add the salmon pieces making sure to not over crowd the tray. Best to air fry in small batches depending on number of pieces.
5. Air-fry for 20 mins , turning sides halfway for a nice crust.

If not using Air-Fryer:
Heat 2-3 Tablespoons of vegetable Oil or Coconut oil in a shallow frying pan and fry the marinated salmon pieces on both sides until salmon is cooked and gets a nice brown crust.



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