Oct 16, 2017

3 Ingredient Mango IceCream | Manju's Eating Delights Turns 6!

Hello one and all! I have been writing and updating a blog post to share our baby girls big 1st birthday party that was in July, but it's taking longer than expected to get all the details in :-) I'll share that shortly , but meanwhile I realized that my little space here turned 6 years old yesterday on Oct 15th...yaay! That surely called for a quick thank you post and ofcourse a yumm recipe...

Happy Birthday to my little blog and thank you to all who still visit this space, though I have been very poorly with updating it in the past year. I still get lots of messages and updates from friends and family who tried a recipe from here and came out well. I also get thank you notes from families who got inspired from the various birthday themes posted here and how it worked great for them. So Thank you all, my virtual family for always being there to inspire and motivate. 
Wow! thats 6 years of blogging and though I've had several hobbies that I started and left, this is probably my only one that's lasted this long. Pat on the back for me and big group hug to all of you for being there by my side.

These days I love watching all these quick FB cooking videos. An entire dish is shown done in 5 minutes and they make it look so damn easy. I tried doing a very simple Mango Lassi video beginning of this year and I have to say it was no easy job at all. I was nervous, felt weird and hated how I sounded although the recipe was good and I enjoyed drinking it all up after the shoot :-) Probably it's easier if you don't have to show yourself too much in front of the camera, mayb I should try that next.

Anyways, there was some more mango pulp left from after making the lassi and I had this sudden idea to try making an instant Mango icecream. The recipe is so easy, specially since I'm using canned and sweetened mango pulp. And not to mention how I love anything with Mango  ;-)

Mango IceCream

You’ll Need
1 cup Sweetened Mango Pulp
1 cup Heavy whipping cream
1  cup Condensed Milk
1 teaspoon Cardamom powder (optional)
Fresh/canned diced Mango (optional)

1. Add the mango pulp and condensed milk to a bowl and mix it up - easy if you use a whisk.
2. Whip the heavy whipping cream until they form smooth yet stiff peaks.
2. Slowly incorporate the whipped cream to the mango pulp-condensed milk mixture until its smooth and well incorporated.
3. For additional flavor and to overcome the sweetness I added some cardamom(elaichi) powder to the mango ice cream.
You can also add nuts or tutti-fruitti chunks or diced mango/peach or any fruit of liking to the icecream.
4. Transfer to a rectangular freezer safe dish and allow it to freeze for atleast 12hrs.
5. Scoop and enjoy in a bowl or over a cone.

Above recipe makes a small quantity, as I used the remaining Mango pulp which was leftover after making a mango lassi.
If you prefer to make a larger quantity I would suggest using the entire can of Mango pulp + entire can of condensed milk  and atleast 2 cups of whipping cream or double the recipe.
The Mango pulp can I used is 30 oz 
Condensed Milk is 14oz 
Flavor/Garnish as preferred. Pistachios pair really well with Mangos ;-)

It's always Icecream season somewhere and specially if you can make a super quick and easy one like this without the need of any fancy icecream maker machine/gadgets. Make this for any party or at occasions when you've invited guests over and they'll be asking you for the recipe for sure.

Recently at an India Fest here we tasted a Paan (beetle leaf) flavored icecream, mildy green colored and so full of beetle leaf and gulkhand (rose jam) flavor....it was so good. I am definitely gonna try that sometimes soon. 

Ciao my dears...See you soon!