Sep 19, 2012

Rose Lemonade...a ruby colored, rose flavored lemonade!!!

I'm so happy to share my very first Drink/Juice recipe on 'MED' , short for Manju's Eating Delights ;-) !!

This is a really quick and simple lemonade drink...Rose lemonade, sounds familiar or new? ;-)
Well Manish just loves rose flavored drinks (Rose milk, Ruhafza etc) and he has to always grab a bottle of Rose syrup that we get in our Indian stores and he makes the drink himself.
According to his mom when he was a little boy, he would only drink his milk if it was pink...LOL.....thank god he doesn't want Pink milk anymore ;-P

Rose syrup is just a really really sweet Rose water and sugar concentrate. Smells and tastes like Roses I must say ! The syrup is red colored, that's how this lemonade looks red. Rose syrup can also be used for flavoring or topping as a sauce over several other desserts, like Icecreams,Cheesecake, Cake, Puddings etc.
But , I,  on the other hand, hate anything Rose flavored , but I do love all kinds of lemonade...
It was my sister-in-law who suggested to add some lemon juice in the drink. And it definitely did do wonders to the taste. It definitely tasted like a Rose flavored lemonade. Hey, I'm not complaining anymore!

Even my little guy gulped down half a glass , half of it dripping down his chweeeet little chin!!
The beautiful red color and flavor of rosy lemonade makes this a 'beautiful' and refreshing drink for any warm or windy day...Can you see through the drink, cool eh? ;-)
This is not even a recipe. Even a child could prepare this drink. The quantity of Rose Syrup you add totally depends on your taste preference.

Rose Lemonade
You'll need
Water - 4 glasses (use the same glass you would serve the drink in)
Rose Syrup - 3-4 tablespoons (use more if you prefer a stronger rose flavor)
Freshly squeezed lemon juice - 2 lemons (use more or less lemon juice as per taste preference)
Ice - as required
Fresh Lemon slices - for garnish

Just mix everything together and serve chilled!!! Easy peezy ;-)
Garnish your glass with Lemon slices if you wish.
(If using Rose Water, add 2-3tablespoon Rose water + 2-3 tblsp Sugar and make your own concentrate)
The Rose syrup is already sweet, so you need not add any sugar unless necessary. All the ice I added melted by the time I took these snaps...But you go ahead and add as much ice as you want.

Or mayb you could try blending the ice with the rose syrup+lemon juice and create a Rosy-Lemony Icee....hmmmm sounds interesting? Maybe I will try that next time!

Enjoy it however you want. Its definitely a refreshing and pretty looking drink, don't you think?  :-)



  1. Super refreshing lemonade, i can have some rite now.

  2. never tried it.. looks interesting..

  3. I'm already drooling..looks delicious.

  4. Delicious and refreshing lemonade.. Very colorful

    Divya's Culinary Journey

  5. Lovely lemonade Manju and cute son, kiss for him :-)

    Cook like Priya

  6. Congrats on your first drink in the this refreshingly yum drink...

  7. Such a beautiful drink. I must see if I can find rose syrup. :)

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    Looks Tempting..!!

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  9. awwwww... your little one is shooooo cuuuuttteee!
    i love colorful drinks and i have a bottle of that rose's so refreshing!


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