Feb 4, 2013

Fruit infused Heart Ice Cubes...fancy up your glass of Water!

Hi guys, its February already, can you believe a whole month of this year has gone by! Well it literally flew by for me :-) Sometimes I like it that though life is going busy with work and home chores, I'm still able to make time for playing with my little one, spend some good time with my fav guy , make time for my hobbies and keep in touch with our families and friends. Its not easy, but definitely possible!

Today I thought I'd share a really simple yet fun and fancy way to jazz up a simple glass of water for your Valentines Day brunch/lunch/dinner (or any special day or event). Its totally inexpensive but will definitely leave a large impression!
I love these silicone icecube trays that IKEA sells in different shapes n colors...I own the heart shaped cube tray and also a flower shaped one and still planning to buy more...they are just so darn cute! And perfect for V-day :-) My plan is to add fruits that we love and freeze them along with the water.
So Fruit Infused Heart Ice Cubes !!

Just fill up the heart cube with your favorite fruit and add enough water to fill in and freeze...and get ready to dress up your Glass of water, Oh so elegantly!
{Tip: Adding boiled and cooled water results in a very clear ice cube, not the fuzzy kinds as I've shown here...should have read about that earlier before I did these ;-) )

I tried various combinations - Strawberries, Blackberries with Lemon, Orange rinds with Mint leaves and Green and Red Grapes! Do any mix and match combination, its simply lovely! 
Ofcourse you could just serve some wine or juice intaed , but c'mon, these little Fruit infused Heart cubes are gonna melt your lover's heart!! They look pretty, adds a pop of color and looks pretty darn cute, don't you think!

Here's how some lovely bright red Strawberries adds a sparkle to your glass of plain or sparkling water! And you get to relish on the fruit too once the ice melts! I left the leaves on too, for a natural appearance.

Julienned Orange Rinds with Mint leaves , adds brightness and also flavor to your glass of water. As the ice cubes melts, a mild Orangey Minty flavor is infused to your water. Sweeten the Icecube with some sugar or simple syrup if you like a sweet yet mild Orange flavor!

Blackberries with Lemon wedges adds a burst of color and infuses a mild tangy flavor once the cube melts. Again, you may add sugar or simple syrup while freezing for sweeter blackberry-lemon flavored water :-)

Colorful Grapes  look so elegant and pretty...almost like Polka dots!! A good choice if you have a dish/dessert with Grapes on your menu! I've used seedless Green and Red grapes.

I just love the concept of a special day just for you and your loved one(s), although all days are equally special and important. This was how we celebrated Valentines Day last year!

So Ladies, its time to bring out your fancy jewellery and favorite dresses! And Gents, have you decided yet on what to gift your lady love? ;-)



  1. Looks inviting... Tempting too...

  2. Thats a lovely idea dear... Loving it

  3. Manju these look so cute :) all set for Valentine's I guess.... would love to try them

  4. These ice cubes would be perfect in a punch bowl. How fun. :) Loved all the ideas. :)

  5. This are very cool idea to pep up any evening party..you have set the mood for valentine :-)

  6. Yheeeeey...I liked the last sentense of the post :). Its a great idea to fancy up the water. Good one!!!

  7. These look so cute.. would love to have some in my glass as well!

  8. Absolutely beautiful Manju. Every click is so stunning!

  9. I used mint leaves before for making ice cubes. this seems a great idea. Looks colour ful.

  10. Amazing idea Manju :) Perfect for summer :)

  11. Nice manju , great blog, its really helpful for us. Gheata Carbonica


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