May 16, 2013

Food Blogger’s Meet in Minneapolis

This week we had a Food Blogger’s Meet in Minneapolis. The Facebook group Fortify: a Food Community is specially dedicated to food lovers in MN and the group includes food bloggers to food enthusiasts to cafe/restaurant owners, celebrity chefs, featured authors, local farmers etc,  all based out of Minnesota.  And when I came to know that we had an event in May , I knew I had to be there. 

A room full of like-minded and foodie-minded people, we were a fun and chatty group. Everyone was really friendly and though I didn't get a chance to go say Hello to everyone, I did meet a few very nice people and everyone had a great time.
As it was on a working day for me, I forgot to take my camera (though we were encouraged to do so) , so I just took a few snaps on my Iphone which I’m sharing here.

The meet was at the Lynn on Bryant, a local bistro serving up some very unique and different fusion food using all fresh ingredients for the local farmers around and the ambiance was simple and cheerful. It was a charity event and the money raised from the event was fully contributed to the Daily Diner Frogtown.
We were served some amazing samplers from their daily menu, I have no much clue about the names of the dishes but they were different and tasty and if you live here in MN I highly encourage you to go and try this place out.

There was house-made bread, different kinds of Pâté,  assorment of cheeses, dried black grapes and relishes, fritters and dips, bite sized samplers of their veggie burger (which was my fav) and many more dishes which was brought in fresh and hot from the kitchen.   

And of course, it was Happy hour , so there was Wine and drinks. I had some white wine!!

And yes, there was dessert….a really classy looking one that too. I tasted lemon curd for the first time and I’m telling you I’m in love with it. The lemon curd was served with Crème fraîche with a lavender infused flavor. And there was panacotta served with Rhubharb topped with mint ..the names of these desserts were really classy and I wish I could remember them, but that’s a reason for me to go there again and try them again isn’t it :-)

Oh! and that's Chef Peter who is the mastermind behind all the gorgeous food and he talks a little bit about the Lynn and its menu and various services provided.  

And I actually got a chance to step inside a restaurant kitchen :-) It was so neat and tidy, inspite of all the cooking that happened just a few minutes before I took this snap.

In all it was super fun and I got to know so many food bloggers now in MN and can't wait to check out their blogs. I’m thrilled that I got to go for such an event and definitely looking forward to more events.

As for this weekend, we are going on a short trip with friends and we're definitely planning to have some fun :-) I wish you all a very happy weekend! 



  1. that is one wonderful event, glad you had a good time :-)

  2. Sound like a lot of fun, Manju! I'm so happy that you meet some food bloggers in your area. All the food look so good, I haven't have lemon curd, but due to your yummy description I definetly wanna give it a try sometime soon:) Happy weekend:)

  3. Glad to know you enjoyed the event, food, wine....

  4. Glad to hear that you were part of the event. Wish we had something like that here too. I should start looking, I am sure there will be something like that. Thanks for posting the details of the event. Have a nice weekend with family and friends!!!

  5. What a fabulous experience!! I bet it was loads of fun. I love the photo of the kitchen... I need to be that organized. :)


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