Sep 30, 2013

Garden Veggie Frittata...mummy special!

First of all let me begin by thanking all my dear friends and blog readers for being so supportive when they noticed I hadn't been blogging for a while. Cheering comments like ‘Good to see you back in action’ and ‘you’re back with a bang’ etc  just made my day. I’m so touched...Muah!                 
Yet,  I'm still living in the past. By 'past' I mean the past 6 months that got over like a week ago. Hmmm....ya if you have guessed it right, I'm talking about the time when my parents had been here visiting us for the summer and what a bountiful summer it turned out to be. But in a way I hope they enjoyed and I'm glad they got to see a bit of snowy winter, pretty and colorful spring and had a lovely summer in the six months they were here. And do you remember the beautiful garden daddy grew. I had shared a sneak peak picture here.

I had earlier shared a daddy special dish on the blog. But today I am overwhelmingly reminded of mummy. I miss her a lot and I also miss her special breakfast omlettes. I don't know how she does it, but though she sometimes slept later than us, she was always the first to wake up, without any alarm and by the time Manish and I got dressed up for work and go downstairs, the kitchen would be smelling heavenly of freshly brewed coffee or homemade tea and Toast or dosa or idli or omlettes! Simple, yet easy and fillings breakfast items.

I was actually scanning my picture folders when I found these set of pics which I had randomly taken while she prepared omelettes on a working day and was rushing up to finish it so that we could eat and leave...Bless her! :-) And in between her rush, was this pesky photographer who instead of helping her, was busy taking her snaps...Lol!

Anyways, I'm going to give it a fancy name and call it a "Garden Veggie Frittata", coz that's what it really is, but we just call it Omlettes at home. This is how mummy loves to make her omlettes and it always includes red onions, tomatoes, thinly sliced ginger, green chillies and cilantro, sometimes even grated carrots, basil or mint (the tomatoes, cilantro, basil or mint actually taken from our garden itself)  and she has no specific measurements, just a spoonful of this or a half/quarter of that or a handful of herbs etc. So just as colorful as it looks, it is healthy and flavorful and the frittata always turns out so juicy!

Her process is simple. Slice all the veggies thinly (she uses a finger glove and slices them on her fingers (ya, that's an art that even I don't know)), crack open the eggs in a bowl and whisk them gently, add the veggies, season with salt n pepper and pour away into a pan lightly coated with canola or olive oil. 

She has her 'I'm busy at work' face there and usually feels cold early in the mornings so wears a light sweater and after seeing this post with her pic in it, she might not talk to me :-P She hates it when I take her 'not dressed up for pics' pics and even worse put it out here on the blog for the whole world to see...But she is my mom and I love her to bits no matter how she thinks she looks :-) (And i'm sooo exaggerating when I say the whole world reads my blog...ha!)

And I love this phrase, it's so simple and yet so apt!
"God couldn't be everywhere so he created Mothers" 

Enjoy this colorful and beautiful breakfast frittata/omlette with few slices of toast and coffee or tea or just as it is (if you are on a carb free diet or something).  It was one of my favorite breakfast items and was so filling that I din't have to even think of a mid-morning snack as it kept me full until lunctime!

Garden Veggie Frittata
This recipe is for a single serving. Increase the quantity for serving more people per frittata/omelette.

You’ll need
Eggs – 1 or 2 (whisked well)
Diced Red Onions – 1 tblsp 
Diced Tomato – 1 tblsp
Thinly sliced ginger (or grated ginger) – ½ tsp
Green chillies, thinly sliced – 1
Corriander leaves or Mint or Basil leaves – ½  tblsp or as per preference
Salt and Pepper – to taste
Spray on Canola Oil / Olive Oil  or else use around 2 tsp of oil (Can use butter if preferred)

1. Slice all the veggies, crack open the eggs and whisk them gently until it’s nice and frothy and almost looks doubled in volume.  Add all the  veggies to the whisked eggs and add salt and pepper to taste.
2. Heat a frying pan and spray oil enough to coat the entire pan. If using butter, melt the butter in the pan and brush it on all sides of the pan.
3. Gently pour in the egg-veggies mixture , spread it to out to desired thickness and cover the pan and let it cook on medium heat. (This helps in retaining moisture and also puffs up the frittata)
4. Slowly but gently turn the frittata and let it cook on the other side as well for another 2 mins.  Best when eaten hot  :-)

(Mummy used to make two servings of this recipe for Manish and Me before we head out for work)

Note:  You can add or decrease the amount of veggies you want in each individual frittata. 

This is homestyle comfort food at it best! The best thing is that you can add any preferred veggie of choice and still enjoy it whole heartedly.  Remember my Red  Radish Omlette?
Care to  indulge further? Go ahead, add some grated cheese into it as well…yummm and it still doesn't get too calorific..…teeheee!

So who want’s to guess what I’m having for breakfast tomorrow? Care to join us? ;-)

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  1. Manju dear, just was thinking of messaging asking how had you been..........and there i see a lovely post full of " Mommy Love", you know what, even my mom makes the same kinda omelete, and now i too make it for our breakfast here.
    More than that your post really made me home sick, and i truly know how you feel......its ok'll be fine soon :)

  2. beautiful post manju... reminds me of my umma who is currently back home but should be back by next week... she would grumble as to how i don't help her out in the mornings when i am rushing up to work.... :) the days are numbered now, i know it's going to be sooner or later, but then as of now, i just smile at her and irritate her that her naggings are hitting nowhere!!! :) love all those pics, and ur amma's non-decked up pic, they look beautiful when they are natural!! :)

  3. Oh i Love how busy she looks and you're busy pestering her!!My mom night throw a dish at me hehe!!But you;re so right they are the best!!!Omelette/Frittata in all its fancy name and all i love it best with toast!!yum yum.I don't add ginger but must try that!your mom chopped those onions so fine without a board??!!wow!Now thats a skill us bloggers should learn from her!

    Ongoing Enents -
    MLLA 64 @ Spicy Foood
    Its Birthday party time

  4. this post is very nostalgic. I love omelette for breakfast, your mom's version looks really delicious- give me an idea to add carrots etc, yum! Hope they will be back with u soon!

  5. looks very delicious and yummy!

  6. Oh Manju..Why did u do this to me..I was slowly getting back into track and this post rushed all the good times I had with my parents :) That bit where u wrote mummy wont talk to me for posting her pic is really funny...Frittatta with fresh veggies sounds heavenly !

  7. I will never get bored of eggs ever...I can eat it any time of the day... This omelet looks awesome...wish I could get this for breakfast today...
    Loved the phrase...enjoy the time with your mom!

  8. Beautiful post Manju !!! unplanned and natural pics are always have a charm and I love your mom's pic..
    Frittata/Omlette looks awesome, I'm sure it tastes even better when served by the lovely lady of our lives :)

  9. Mommies are the best and the things they do to make us eat veggies and egg... I love how incredibly yum she has made that frittata look.

  10. Im currently at moms place and relishing all her food. But I know what u mean. Love the omelette qnd moms pic.

  11. There's always something special about mummy's food, tastes so so good right.
    I'll have an omelet any time of the day.
    Mom's rock.

  12. Moms are the best ;) missing Amma now, really I think you all had a fun summer this yr with the new house, parents around and birthday :) wow and very natural pics too, The Frittata is yum love the click with the toast ;)

  13. Moms are always the best, enjoy Manju and seriously you are lucky and blessed to enjoy mom's food. Frittata looks fabulous.

  14. more cheering for you : Good to see you back in action!
    This is my quick go to recipe.

  15. Many time My recipe searches ended in ur blog.This time i thought to leave a comment.I like your way of writing. Its so friendly and natural.

  16. Hi Manju. Have passed on two awards to you. Please come and collect them from my blog. Great job here. and a big hug to you

  17. Aww Manju, I know how much you miss your Mom. Your Mom sounds just like mine, no matter how late she sleeps, always gets up around 5:30. God bless our Moms who puts family before everything. I love egg in any form and omelette being my favorite, I can eat it anytime of the day!!! Loved the post :)

  18. Mom's are the best, even the simplest of omelets are filled with so much mommy love and deliciousness!


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