Jan 19, 2013

Turnip Greens Pachadi...greens in a yogurt base!

If you saw my Red Radish Rasam post, you must have seen this bowl of creamy deliciousness with greens in it. Well it was a simple Turnip Greens Pachadi that I prepared that day to pair with the spicy hot Rasam and it was really good. I'm glad I had taken a few snaps of the pachadi, and I thought why not share this simple and healthy dish!

To be honest, you could just turn any veggie/fruit dish into a Kerala style Pachadi , a type of 'Raita', as long as it has a tadka (tempering) of mustard seeds, curry leaves and dry red chillies. Well thats my take on it! So when I prepared Turnips greens as a side dish, I thought , maybe it may taste better if I added some yogurt and it really did taste great.
My Strawberry Pineapple Pachadi was quite a hit among my family and friends, so give that a try too. It was very yummy!! :-)
I have prepared Turnip Greens stir fry before and I prepared it the same way , but without the potatoes.

This was just a quick substitution and a rather tasty one and I want to share it with you. :-)

Turnip Greens Pachadi Recipe
1. Prepare the Turnips Greens stir fry in same manner as I've done here ( You can skip the coconut and potatoes if you'd like or else add them too, more yummy! )
2. Once cooled, add the sauted turnips greens to about 1-2 cups of Yogurt and stir well until the yogurt has become smooth and the greens have mixed well. (Add more Yogurt if necessary)
3. Season well with Salt if needed , remember the turnip greens are already cooked with some salt, so add only as required.

There - simple , quick and easy! One more thing that I would recommend is to cut the turnip greens into small thin strips and chop them into bits, else they'll look like Turnip Green Noodles in your yogurt :-)

Whats your favorite side dish for lunch or dinner? Do share your thoughts!!



  1. Wow...this is very new....I never knew turnip greens can also be used.....sounds healthy and delicious....

  2. Adorei !
    Fiquei realmente encantada com esses excelentes ingredientes !

  3. Love the way your turned those greens as an interesting pachadi..Well done.

  4. yummmmm :)))...very tempting *drool*...

  5. Hi Manju,

    Thankyou for mailing me. I happy that you follow my blog :)

    Its simple to search who has copied the image. Just go to google.com and click on the images and it has an option to upload our image and click on search. It will immediately list all the sites where the image is available. That way you will get to know the copied pages.

    Its so unfortunate that lots of ppl are unethical.

    Anyways enjoy blogging.You have a lovely blog with nice recipes and beautiful pictures :)



  6. Yum Yum.. never had turnips this way! Want to try this soon!

  7. I love tempering anything.... this looks great and loaded with flavor. :)

  8. Thanks so much for that lovely comment on my blog manju!!! You blog is simply mind blowing. This recipe is one to die for!!! I am bookmarking this and I will b e trying this for sure :)


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