Oct 21, 2012

Giveaway - a Checkerboard Cake pan set !

*** This Giveaway is CLOSED , winners to be announced tonight (Nov 2 ,2012)***

GIVEAWAY...GIVEAWAY! As you may/may not know, my little blog turned 1 on Oct15th,2012 and what's so great in keeping all the joy to myself?
So to celebrate this happy occasion, I decided I would treat you with a beautiful gift.

I did not have a checkerboard cake pan set to make my own Checkerboard Cake (above pic), so I had to do some geometry and calculation with different sized bowls and pans in my kitchen to get the correct diameters for the concentric cake layers, else your checkerboard pattern will end up with different sized cubes (you get what I mean right?).
Although I'm very happy with the results I got, I feel it would be a tad easier if you had a cake pan set that'll easily help you develop your checkerboard pattern without all that calculation! :-)
So I want to gift you all a beautiful Wilton Checkerboard Cake pan set. The set includes 3 9" cake pans with a divider ring. Here's few pics of how the cake pan set looks and few ideas of what you could create :-) (Image source: Google)
If you have an Oven and can get hold of atleast a cake box mix then bake a cake using this Checkerboard Cake pan set, you are going to SURPRISE your family and guests big time and they'll be begging you to know the technique...Pssst : Don't tell them so fast ok! LOL!! :-)

Rules for entering the giveaway:
1. Leave a comment on the blog stating which cake flavors or color combo you would be doing when you get this Checkerboard Cake pan set.
2. Follow me on Facebook , its easy, just hit 'Like' and never miss another yummy post!

One lucky winner gets to be a proud owner of this artistic cake pan set.
NOTE: This giveaway is open to US residents only! If you have anyone in the US to whom you'd like to gift this cake pan set or can win one for you, come join in the fun! ( A valid US address is a must)

This giveaway will be closed on Nov 1st,2012 (midnight) and the winner will be announced on Nov 2nd, 2012.
So c'mon, all you need to do is leave a creative comment and Like my facebook page for a free entry to win!

*** This Giveaway is CLOSED , winners to be announced tonight (Nov 2 , 2012)***



  1. Nice give away, Manju.
    Just Liked you in FB.
    I am in US.I would go for color combo. Pink n purple.. My daughter's favorite.. :)
    Hope am eligible for the give away. ;)

    1. Hi Divya,
      Yes you are very much eligible :-) Thanks for taking part....hope you win! :-)

  2. Dear Manju, fantastic giveaway!! You really inspired me with this checkerboard cake that I made one like it for my daughter's birthday this past week. Unfortunately, I am not so careful and I think I over beat my batter so it got very spongy and did not cut well. I shall see if I can email you a photo. I gushed about how pretty your beautiful lemon/orange and rose cake looked to my mother and sister. I even forwarded my mother your post so she can see it for herself.

    I think a chocolate and white cake would be fantastic to try with this cake pan.

    Congratulations on one year for your beautiful blog my friend. Have a great Sunday! ~ Ramona

    1. Well hopefully you'll win this giveaway and make a beautiful and perfect checkerboard cake :-) and thank you for the compliments :-)

      Oh do send me a snap of the cake, here my email id manjuseatingdelights@gmail.com

  3. PS... I already follow you on Facebook... thanks for finding me there. :)

  4. Wow such a fabulous give away, wish i get them but unfortunately am not living in US.

    1. awwww, shucks ya, shipping abroad is pretty costly. But I will definitely do one in India sometime!!

  5. This is a nice give away Manju.
    Just Liked you in FB.
    I would go for color combo. Light Blue and White :)
    Hope am eligible for the give away :)

  6. Nice giveaway...would love chocolate and butterscotch combo :) or a colorful fruity combo....I already follow you on facebook both as Lifescoops and as Shema geoge

  7. Hey, wishing your blog a happy anniversary, keep growing dear
    …and you kept a lovely giveaway. :)

  8. White and red for me Manju.....n I can think of someone to gift that pan if I do win!!!!

  9. Lovely give away ,Manju dear:)
    Have liked ur fb long back..I would love to go for vanilla & chocolate or your version orange & yellow:)
    Join my ongoing EP events-Rosemary OR Sesame @ Now Serving

  10. Happy birthday to your blog and to you! Can't believe you do all this and have a small baby.......

    I have liked you on Facebook and I would love to make a chocolate fudge and French vanilla combo.....one is jaydens's fav and the other is Olivia's..... :-)

    I have one question for you....... Who eats all the desert you make? :-)

    Love you dear! You are awesome!

    1. Chechi,
      Thank you so much for the compliments :-)

      Pinne most of the time we eat just a slice of what I bake, rest all I give to my neighbours, Appu's daycare lady ( shes a good friend) or else take to my office :-)

      Lovely flavor combo , ur kids have great taste! :-)

  11. Hi Manju,

    Congrats on your Blog Anniversay!!! I am here for the second time, I left a comment on your checker board cake. Never knew the technique of making a checkerboard cake without a mold though. Anyways owning a checkboard mold will be awesome. Liked you on fb and I would go with a chocolate - coconut flavor with the checkerboard cake. Do visit www.flavzcorner.com.

  12. Happy Blog Anniversary!!Its a nice giveaway....Love this cake & also the mold.
    Join with Event:Cook like a Celebrity Chef

  13. Hi Manju, love all the tasty treats you get for us in office...:-)..the checkerboard cake was yummy as were the lamingtons...and the mug cake...the list goes on...
    anyways, my idea for a checker board cake would be a classic, black and white, chocolate and vanilla, but with some of your less sweet chocolate icing...yumm..
    I liked you on fb.....am I all set for the giveaway.......

  14. That was a quick comment on my post.. Thanks a lot..

    You have a wonderful space here.. And happy anniversary to your blog..

    I would definitely go for a vanilla & chocolate combo.. if I'd get that pan..

  15. Hi Manju. Thanks for visiting my space. U have a beautiful blog here. Luved all clicks esp the checker board ones. Is that ur son , he is so adorable. I live in UK dear. But I have still liked ur facebook page because I want to :-) My favourite is the girlie cake, pink and purple :-)
    Keep going. I look forward to ur updates on facebook too.

  16. love to be part thi giveaway...but i don't how to prepare checkerboard cake ..

    1. Divya,
      its very easy with this Checkerboard Pan set...just make 2 different colored/flavored cake batter or divide same batter into 2 and color it differently and then pour the batter in opposite colors into the concentric divider rings...its very simple.

  17. Happy Blog Anniversary!!Its a nice giveaway :)
    will follow up the updates on Fb and My idea for a checker board would be tri-colour cake with Red, Black and white colour flavour of white (Vanila) Red (desiccated coconut), Black(chocolate with chips),Royal white Icing Sprinkle with desiccated coconut with a topping of Dark chocolate curls, to serve.

    Crazy Idea Though...;)

  18. Belated wishes to your blog.....New to this place....Keep rocking.....wishing your blog many more yum rocking years to come...i would love to make checkered board red velevet cake....

  19. would love to make pineapple and strawberry cheesecake in this box. my son is in to pineapple and daughter in to strawberry. I am in NJ. first time here though, nice blog. do visit my space too pl.

  20. Hi manju!!! WOW! great idea!! I luv your blog a lot!!! I tried many recipes from your blog. sometimes i do come check your blogs for some recipes to make some special cooking for that day ( I swear !!! Its true).. I tried many of ur recipes like jamaican jerk chicken,irish so bread and many cake varieties!!! :-) so I think i am eligible for your giveaway ( may be i deserve it lol!!!:-)) i would like to make chocolate ,vanilla so that i can inspire my daughter to star playing chess game :-)!!!!!best of luck for your blog!!! your blog ROCKS!!!

  21. I love to write a beautiful comment, but I'm not finding words!! What to do??
    The cake looks delicious,
    and which is obvious.
    I Love to eat the cake,
    can you please bake.
    The colors are like our life
    sometimes dark and sometimes light.
    Please bake the same cake for me.

    1. WhaT a fabulous poem...I love it :-) Thank you! And surely I'll bake some for you if we get a chance to meet!


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